The Global Training Academy is one of the most promising names in the world of teaching and training. It has now joined hands with Asian College of Teachers another premier teacher training institute of Asia. Asian College of Teachers is an outstanding teacher training organization with a strong global presence devoted to provide its trainees world class teacher education and multicultural opportunities. ACT with its wide array of teacher training courses attracts candidates from all corners of the globe to help them acquire skills, build confidence and meet their learning needs. Pre and primary teacher training is becoming imperative for the aspiring pre and primary teachers as well as for the teachers who are already working in the field of pre and primary education.

Our organization is bestowed with professionals who are experienced, well versed, proactive and farsighted. Most importantly GTA is always on the path to discover the foundational elements of the basics of teaching and training. Our primary focus is on the foundation as it is the main basis for the learning process, which will continue for generations.

Organization- Global Training Academy

GTA is an adjunct of TEFL Academy which is in TEFL teacher training since 2006. The organization is registered in the United Kingdom, Thailand and India and operates globally with partners and own operations. TEFL Online course website and TEFL International Course website.

GTA caters to students both online and on-site teacher training, soft skill and skill development programs worldwide. The latest methodology and techniques in the teaching industry is included in the curriculum so that our trainees are well equipped with the key principles of teaching, training and development.

GTA for quite a few years now have been training teachers from Asia, Europe, Africa and many other corners of the world. We are on our way to launch self-directed study course and online workshops for our trainees in the near future.

Our Aim

The primary aim of GTA is to design a course content which equips its teachers to grasp the modern teaching methodology and understand the principles and intricacies of teaching, training and development.

Our Promises And Beliefs

The three most imperative parts of learning and education is solemn, music and movement.Modern teaching styles are perfectly infused with traditional concepts of teaching GTA trains its teachers so that they develop skills and the art of teaching both adults and children.We stress on experiential learning as we believe that it is the most effective way of learning.GTA also believes that there can be nothing better than self-directed and self-paced education.

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