Why TEFL in Asia

Asia offers a wealth of opportunities for those aspiring ESL/EFL educators who are keen on a working vacation to some of the most beguiling destinations with unique history and culture but with a common thread uniting all these Asian nations – their urgency to learn English, the language of globalization. It has broken all barriers and is all the rage these days as a subject or medium of instruction in non-native speaking countries. There is a growing demand for the English language in every sector and this has brought to the fore the demand for ESL/EFL teachers in Asia. Moreover, teaching English in Asia gives cheaper access to beautiful locations across the continent.

Travelling and living in Asia is cheaper

Asia has become accessible and has emerged as a popular TEFL destination as travelling and living in Asia is cheaper compared to the west. Choosing Asia will be gratifying to start your TEFL career whether you want to put teaching experience on your CV, utilize your gap year constructively or looking for a long-term TEFL career as you teach and travel. ESL teachers can look forward to plenty of teaching opportunities as the demand for TEFL trained instructors exceeds the supply given the volume of ESL jobs in countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam etc. If you can give a miss to a lavish lifestyle, get over the initial culture shock and immerse yourself in a new culture then you will be able to enjoy every bit of your TEFL journey in Asia.

Get TEFL certified to teach in Asia

Anyone with a good grasp over English and armed with a TEFL certification can try his/her hand at teaching English as a foreign/second language. When it comes to jobs in Asian nations, qualifications might vary in different countries and sometimes they vary from institute to institute. Of late Asia with its economic freedom and steady development has brought forth the importance of English language and the demand for TEFL certified teachers remains consistently strong there. Teaching in Asia can be fun if you can do a little bit of research as different countries have different criteria when it comes to recruiting ESL/EFL teachers and furthermore, experiences may vary from individual to individual.

Top TEFL destinations in Asia

China given its sheer size and huge population boasts of a maximum number of English learners and therefore, offers loads of ESL/EFL jobs. The best part about China is that it is one of the cheapest places to live and work in Asia and teachers can look forward to experience something unique as China has something to offer everyone. Teaching English in Thailand could be a great way to travel and experience the unique Thai culture, explore their beautiful beaches and bustling markets while honing valuable skills and enjoying the rewards of helping the warm Thai people achieve their goals and improve their language skills. Those looking to replenish their travel funds can try South Korea and Japan as the pay is relatively higher along with other facilities like free accommodation compared to other Asian nations. Taiwan and Vietnam are also gaining prominence as TEFL destinations.

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