TEFL teachers are in demand worldwide

In the modern century, English has emerged as the global language or we can say the lingua franca of globalization and is the most important language in demand throughout the world. It is the most studied second language in the world and is indispensible in the fields of education, business and commerce, technology and media. As a result, learning English has become a necessity for people around the world and the demand for teaching English to the non-English speakers are on the rise with each passing day. More and more international schools and educational institutes are looking for TEFL/TESOL qualified and experienced English teachers. Even the demand for Corporate English and Business English training are on the rise. Moreover, many people are looking for pursuing career as TEFL teachers worldwide because it is one of the most lucrative opportunities as the need for English teachers will never decline, rather it will escalate in the coming years.

Teaching English in Asia

Among all the nations worldwide, Asia is one of them to consistently experience a high demand for English teachers. Learning English in schools has become almost mandatory in many parts of Asia like India and Thailand giving rise to huge job opportunities for aspiring TEFL teachers. Travelling to exotic Asian destinations and teaching English in various institutions is both financially rewarding and a chance to explore the fascinating cultural variety. In short, Asian countries are the most popular TEFL destinations due to its high standards of teaching, impressive salary digits and last but not the least the appeal of working in some of the most breathtakingly vibrant places of the world. Added benefits include visa sponsorship, medical insurance and various allowances. The low cost of living is also one of the factors why Asia remains one of the most sought after destinations for TEFL teachers.

Teaching English in Europe and Latin America

Europe’s rich heritage and cultural background and a high standard of education make it an ideal destination for TEFL teachers. With so many countries to choose from, Europe is a place where one can balance between work and play. Along with teaching English, as a traveler one can explore the European cities and soak in myriad cultural varieties. As Europe is not a very cheap place, teaching in this delightful continent can be helpful to fund the trips.

Latin America’s picturesque landscape comprising of mountains and beaches make it a perfect haven to “teach and travel abroad”. Rich in Spanish and Portuguese architecture and culture, Latin America is a great place to fuel your TEFL career. The salary for international teachers varies from country to country depending upon the location one chooses. The low cost of living in this region doesn’t make much difference if the salary is not too high. Though the additional allowances, medical insurance and airfare are most of the time added to the extra benefits, sometimes they are not provided while going to teach in Latin America.

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