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If you are considering a trip to a city where you can experience vibrant cultural life, culinary diversity, great shopping experience and a pulsating nightlife, then head to Sao Paulo in Brazil. Sao Paulo is a mega polis which might overwhelm the first time visitors with its sprawling skyscrapers but on a closer look the city has surprises in store for its visitors at every turn of its street. Sao Paulo has a diverse mix of inhabitants ranging from Japanese, Italian, German and sizable Chinese, Korean, Arab, Hungarian and Polish communities who have made significant contributions in lending differently unique flavors to this melting pot of Brazil. Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Sao Paulo offers aspiring TEFL teachers a great opportunity to explore the cultural capital of Brazil as they gain the expertise and knowledge in ESL/EFL teaching while pursuing in-class TEFL course in the city.

Course Details of TEFL Course Sao Paulo

Course Fees

The course fee of TESOL Course Sao Paulo is 2000 USD. The applicant has to pay a deposit amount of 500 USD to enroll as well as reserve a seat in this 4 weeks' TEFL course. The final payment of 1500 USD and the accommodation fee will have to be paid on arrival in Sao Paulo before the course commencement date. All information related to pick-up, lodging, visa, etc will be provided to you after your seat is confirmed for the course.

Sao Paulo, we have a combined program--on-line with seven days of teaching practice on site in Sao Paulo. The teaching practice dates are as follows:

  • 6 March - 14 March
  • 5 June - 13 June
  • 3 July - 11 July
  • 7 August - 15 August
  • 4 September - 13 September
  • 2 October - 11 October

Program details

TEFL Course Sao Paulo is a 4 weeks on-site TESOL/TEFL Certification Program, which will be held in the splendid Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is a comprehensive 120 hours in-class TEFL course which comes with 8 hours of teaching practice. The teaching practice classes are extremely beneficial for the trainees as these sessions helps them to reflect on their own flaws and immensely helps in professional development before one actually starts working as an ESL/EFL teacher. TEFL Course Sao Paulo is designed to give a detailed grounding to the trainees in the various methodologies of TESOL / TEFL so that they can slip into the shoes of TEFL teachers with confidence and ease.


Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Sao Paulo is a specially crafted project of 4 weeks which is reasonably priced at 2000 USD. TEFL Course Sao Paulo is a well structured course which incorporates all the major components of teaching and learning English so that the potential ESL/EFL who gets certified from GTA can engage learners in a practical way teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language anywhere in the world.
GTA has hired some of the most experienced and highly qualified TEFL trainers who have been associated with the ESL/EFL field for more than a decade and the course curriculum is framed in a way to meet global standards which makes GTA’s TEFL certificate accepted and useful world-wide. The 4 weeks on-site training program is an all-inclusive and is a compact TESOL Course, which prepares the trainees as accomplished ESL teachers.


There are numerous accommodation options in Sao Paulo. You have to choose among the hotel, the hostel and the private home facilities. The details are given below:

Hotels: Arrangements can be done in Hotel Rei Palisita, Jomar, Municipal Palace. You can also choose the ‘Pousada’, which are like low cost hotels with fewer amenities.

Hostels: Hostels are located adjacent to the school. You will be accommodated one day prior to the commencement of the course and can continue staying till the afternoon after the completion of the course. You get your own front door key to the establishment.

Private home: This is your best option if you want a taste of the authentic Brazilian culture. TESOL Institute ensures that you get your priority when it comes to the choice of families.


The students can contact the school to arrange for a prepaid airport pickup.

Complimentary Portuguese classes for beginners or intermediate learners (1 hour per week) take place throughout the duration of the course. We can arrange for Portuguese classes on a more intensive basis for a fee.

Know more about our TEFL Sao Paulo course

The imposing city of Brazil, Sao Paulo with its dainty bistros and classy restaurants, bustling markets and swanky malls and an array of cultural events like music and film festivals, fashion shows, art exhibitions etc. offers a lot to the aspiring teachers who will pursue TEFL Course in Sao Paulo. The TEFL trainers are very well qualified, dedicated and experienced who impart specialized training in practical teaching skills and always remain committed towards our trainees so that they transform into expert TEFL teachers who will receive globally recognized certificates after successful completion of 4 weeks course.

About Sao Paulo

The aspiring ESL/EFL teachers who enroll with Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Sao Paulo can actually get a taste of this dazzling city of Brazil which is often termed as the New York of South America. The city is always bustling with life with its live music, club culture, delectable street food and carnival like atmosphere everywhere. Apart from this the city has a bunch of attractions like The Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo-the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, EL Museo De Futebol- the Soccer Museum in Estadio Pacaembu, Botanical Gardens, Ibirapuera Park with its beautiful lake and last but not the least Mercado Municipal- one of the popular markets of Brazil.

Who should attend?

TEFL Course in Sao Paulo is the right destination for those who are 18 years of age and above, passionate about teaching and eager to take up teaching English as a career in exotic locations around the world. This course will provide an amazing platform for both natives and non-native English speakers, with or without a degree / diploma/teaching qualification /experience. Enroll in GTA’s TEFL course and look forward to a bright career ahead and all you need to have is an urge to teach English to non-speakers and a craving to learn about new cultures.

The School

The TEFL certification course in São Paulo takes place in a prime location in São Paulo's most elegant district. It is situated on the corner of Alameda Itu and Rua Augusta, near Av. Paulista and Rua Oscar Freire where the city's main designer stores and luxury shopping centers are found. The area has a wide variety of bars and restaurants and is close to shopping centers, theaters and cinemas. The school is also just a few blocks from Consolação metro station, providing easy access to the city center.

Job Prospects in Sao Paulo

The most widely used language in Brazil is Portuguese. Brazil is a growing economic power. As such, English is becoming more and more important because it allows access to the international trade community. The country offers English teachers a wide range of full-time and part-time positions. If teaching English in Brazil is what you have on your mind, why not pursue it from the economic capital of the country. Sao Paulo is an excellent place for professionally oriented individuals, and there are countless opportunities in teaching business English. São Paulo is, in fact, the financial heart of the entire South American continent. Full of high-risers and modern buildings, this city makes up for natural beauty through sheer modernity and opulence. Over the years, it has developed as the palpable symbol of Brazil’s rise up the economic scale. Brazil is a very exciting place to visit, and its wild beaches and beautiful forests attract a huge number of tourists each year.

How to find the job

The best method for finding work is to simply walk through the front door of a school and talk to someone. Make sure you’re well dressed, as Brazilians take presentation seriously, slow your speech down a little and avoid using slang or colloquial expressions. Speak clearly. These are simple points, but if the manager or secretary can’t understand you easily, how will the students?

When to look for work

The best time to find work with schools is before the semester commences. Good schools don’t change teachers in the middle of the school year, and schools do not wait until the week before class starts to think about hiring teachers. For the first half of the year, late January and early February are the best times to approach schools; whilst June or early July should maximize your chances for the second semester.

Schools want to know that you will be around for the long term. They’re not really interested in having you work for 3 months to help fund your vacation. If this is your intention, you’re better off going into to debt a little and working hard for 6 weeks when you get back from your holiday. Teaching English involves a commitment to your students which ties you down to one location.

Pay Rates

Teaching in Brazil is not going to make you rich. Expect all your rewards to come in the non-monetary sense. Illusions of making easy money will see you walking away disappointed. Aim to cover your living expenses but don’t expect to be living the high life. You can eventually earn reasonable money (compared to Brazilian wages), but it takes some time and effort to set yourself up and develop contacts with business professionals who can afford to pay more. The easiest place to find work, and the highest paying work, is in São Paulo. With almost 20 million people, São Paulo is the business capital of Brazil and largest city in South America. Consequently, there are a lot of wealthy business professionals in the market for English teachers. One issue is that the people who can pay good money work long hours, so demand for your services will be high either early in the morning or in the evening. The challenge is to fill the middle of your day with bookings. Schools pay approximately R$22 - R$28 an hour. For private lessons, you can charge anywhere from R$30 – R$60/hour depending on your experience and ability to find high-paying clients. Students usually pay around R$50 - R$60 for private classes; so this is probably the upper limit of what you can charge.

Remember: São Paulo is your best case scenario. This is where the money is and where the demand is. Most foreigners don’t want to live in São Paulo, so supply is restricted. Everyone wants to live in Rio or Salvador (for good reason), but less market demand and more supply means lower prices. That said the cost of living is also lower.

São Paulo has a rather tropical, mild climate, generally with good weather. The seasons are not well defined. Although other Brazilians sometimes complain of São Paulo’s cooler weather, it actually has much of the same weather as Rio. In fact, many of its beaches almost directly mimic the conditions on Rio’s beaches throughout the year (namely, they are perfect spots to spend a day in the sun with sunscreen).

São Paulo is closer inland and not on a plateau. It has many of the climate characteristics of more southern towns in Brazil. Most of the time, the weather in São Paulo is nice and dry, not too hot. Winter (from June to August) keeps Paulistas at times well bundled in sweaters and light coats with temperatures ranging from 55 to 75º F (12 to 23º C). In the spring (from September through November), the days are generally sunny. During summer, the weather becomes increasingly hot, with a few flash downpours (evidence of tropical climate) throughout the day. Temperatures may range anywhere from 68 to 85º F (20 to 29 º C). The humidity makes the day feel even hotter, and most Brazilians come indoors to beat the heat or escape to the nearby beaches. In the fall, from March to June, the days are mostly rainy and drizzly with temperatures ranging from 58 to 63º F (14 to 17 º C). For this reason, people say the best time to visit São Paulo is during summer or spring from September through March. For those travelers, however, who are used to a much more frigid climate, any time of the year will be great.

Why TEFL Course in Sao Paulo

Now the largest metropolis in South America and the third-largest city in the world, São Paulo remains the most culturally diverse city in Brazil. Visitors to São Paulo get all the benefits of a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city. They can eat at the finest restaurants in Brazil, shop at boutiques that even New York doesn't have, browse high-end art galleries, check out top-name Brazilian bands almost any night of the week, and take advantage of one of Brazil's most dynamic nightlife scenes to party until the morning. The music and the nightlife never end. And they can do all this without ever experiencing the big drawback to this city, which is traffic. Also São Paulo wages are the highest in the country.

TEFL Sao Paulo Features

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • Anyone without a prior teaching experience is also welcome and can get enrolled
  • Anyone can avail TEFL course in Sao Paulo without being a Degree or a Diploma holder
  • The course fee of 2000 USD is very reasonable and accommodation is provided in an up market hotel ensuring all modern amenities
  • The TEFL trainers are dynamic and experienced who turn an amateur into a skilled ESL/EFL teacher by imparting relevant and practical training in TESOL
  • TEFL Course Sao Paulo includes Teaching Practice sessions in local schools which allows the TEFL trainees to take classes and implement the lessons taught in class
  • GTA provides 100% job assistance to its trainees once they complete the 4 weeks TEFL Course Sao Paulo
  • GTA also extends support to the trainees in finding a teaching placement with a good pay
  • TEFL Course Sao Paulo facilitates the TEFL trainees to become teachers who will be able to teach both children as well as adults from beginner to advanced level
  • In addition to all of the above, vibrant Sao Paulo serves as a great location to stay and study the tools and techniques of TEFL

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