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If you are eyeing an effervescent European city to start your TEFL journey from, then choose Barcelona in Spain to pursue your TEFL course and get trained for a successful teaching English career abroad. Barcelona, Spain’s second largest metropolis is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe with its imposing architecture and fascinating neighborhoods rich in history, beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches, great cultural scene with varied art exhibitions galore in museums and galleries, delicious Spanish tapas and montaditos at outdoor cafés or strolling along La Rambla, the most prominent street dotted with elegant shops, public market and friendly eateries and bars. Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Barcelona offers future TEFL teachers a great opportunity to explore this vibrant Spanish city as they gain the expertise and knowledge in ESL/EFL teaching while pursuing in-class TEFL course there.

Course Details of TEFL Course Barcelona

Course Fees

The course fee of TESOL Course Barcelona is 1350 Euro (1426 USD approx). The applicant has to pay a deposit amount of 500 USD to enroll as well as reserve a seat in this 4 weeks' TEFL course. The final payment of 1020 USD and the accommodation fee will have to be paid on arrival in Barcelona before the course commencement date. All information related to pick-up, lodging, visa, etc will be provided to you after your seat is confirmed for the course.
  • Jan 9th - Feb 3rd.
  • Feb 6th - March 3rd
  • March 6th - March 31st
  • May 2nd (starts Tuesday due to local holiday) - May 26th
  • June 5th - June 30th
  • July 3rd - July 28th
  • July 31st - August 25th
  • August 28th - September 22nd
  • September 25th - October 20th
  • October 23rd - November 17th
  • November 20th - December 15th

Program details

TEFL Course in Barcelona is a comprehensive TESOL program in the amazing city of Barcelona, available at a reasonable course fee. It is a 4 week on-site TESOL certification program covering 120 hours of in-depth training focusing on acquiring a variety of new approaches and relevant techniques to ease the transition into the world of ESL/EFL teaching. This particular program would provide the TEFL teachers with a range of skills, knowledge and experience of teaching English as a foreign/second language with the help of proper planned teaching sessions based on both theoretical and practical lessons but they will learn to employ those methodologies successfully in their ESL/EFL classrooms.


Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Barcelona is a specially crafted project of 4 weeks which is reasonably priced at 1520 USD. The TEFL Course Barcelona program includes practical classroom teaching skills and acquaints the aspiring TEFL teachers with a variety of methods which can be implemented in teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language all around the world.
Our highly qualified and experienced trainers, who are completely committed to providing the best of training, assist and facilitate the TEFL trainees to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards. Moreover, the course curriculum is developed after a thorough research taking into account the insights and understanding every ESL/EFL teacher needs to be aware of.


Accommodation in Barcelona will consist of a room in a shared flat. One or two students can share, according to how many bedrooms are available, with one or two other people who are already living in an apartment.

You will always get

- your own room
- your own keys to come and go as you please
- use of communal living space (kitchen, living room, bathroom, terrace, etc.)

You can cook and live life as a Barcelona local. We use apartments with various nationalities, Spanish, Catalan, Finnish, Italian, and English are some examples. These are not families, we do not do family housing. They are generally either foreigners who live and work in Barcelona or Spanish/Catalan people with their own apartments. In most cases they are young people and it is just a flat share.

It has worked wonderfully well and students have been happy with this arrangement. Often the apartments are close to other class member's apartments. It means you have somewhere that is more of a home to live in. Our apartments are of a good local standard. They are clean, comfortable and adequately furnished. A lot of these stays result in lasting friendships being made and a basis for networking. Obviously you also have the advantage of getting all the local tips from your hosts. You will always be close to a metro stop and metro travel is cheap in Barcelona.

Details & Prices

- Accommodation costs around 450€ for the duration of the course. This is from the Saturday before the course starts until the Saturday (inclusive) when the course finishes.
- Extra stay are charged at around 20€ per night.
- The price for a couple sharing a double room and double bed is around 650€ for the room for the same duration (extra nights are 30€ per couple).
Once you get enrolled, we will help you to get a suitable accommodation.

Know more about our TEFL Barcelona course

Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Barcelona is a comprehensive program which explores significant teaching methodologies and offers a methodical approach to the aspiring TEFL teachers. The TESOL trainers of GTA are highly qualified and accomplished who help the TEFL trainees to get acquainted with all the techniques before they delve into the world of ESL. Moreover, this course consists of well-structured curriculum rounding with teaching practice sessions in local schools which help to boost the confidence of our candidates so that they can start their TEFL journey without any inhibition.

About Barcelona

The captivating city of Barcelona is a traveler’s delight where you are acquainted with its rich history etched in all the majestic monuments and Gothic churches, discover numerous hidden treasures in its labyrinth of narrow medieval streets, get a taste of traditional Catalan cooking, take a stroll along the beach and do not forget to visit the Camp Nou, the largest stadium of Europe and all these and more promise to keep you on your toes as long as you are there preparing to be a competent ESL/EFL teacher. The aspiring ESL/EFL teachers who enroll with Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Barcelona will find the city exciting and full of energy expecting great times not only visiting the major tourist places but soaking in the Spanish culture in the second largest city of Spain.

Who should attend?

TEFL Course in Barcelona is the right destination for those who are 18 years of age and above, passionate about teaching and eager to take up teaching English as a career in exotic locations around the world. This course will provide an amazing platform for both natives and non-native English speakers, with or without a degree / diploma/teaching qualification /experience. Enroll in GTA’s TEFL course and look forward to a bright career ahead and all you need to have is an urge to teach English to non-speakers and a craving to learn about new cultures.

TEFL Barcelona Highlights

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Highly practical content (6+ observed teaching practice hours with groups and individuals)
  • Extensive teaching practice with 4 different levels of English language learners
  • Experienced and highly qualified trainer works with you to support you during preparation of your lessons and teaching practice
  • Life time job guidance and placement
  • High quality course materials
  • Flexible schedule with courses every month
  • Assistance in finding suitable Accommodation

What will you take away from TEFL Barcelona course

  • Improve your communication skills by gaining the confidence to speak in front of small and large groups.
  • Meet people from all over the world.
  • Huge Network.
  • Gain an international experience that will open-up future job prospects.

The School

The School is situated in the heart of Barcelona. We are at 10 minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya and the Ramblas. The center consists of 4 classrooms, all with terraces onto one of the most vibrant streets in Barcelona. Each classroom is set up in a different way so you can experience different forms of classroom management and teaching. The rooms are light and airy. There is a large common room for trainees with 10 computers, all with fibre optic internet connection. There is wi-fi throughout the school. Next to the common room there is a kitchen area with a micro-wave, toaster, kettle etc for trainees to use. In the office/resource room, we have one of the best libraries of teaching resources in Barcelona. There is also a lending library of novels for our trainees to borrow when they want to relax and read about something other than teaching! The area the school is in is a lively and safe neighbourhood with plenty of reasonably priced bars and restaurants. It is a very multicultural part of the city. Within 5 minutes walk of the school there are Argentinian, Indian, Morroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Organic Vegetarian restaurants and of course many other Spanish and Catalan bars. The nearest metro station is Girona which is just a 1 minute walk away, and there are also regular buses which run along the main Gran Via.

Day in Class

The average day looks like :

10:00 till 1:00 : Morning input sessions (Grammar, Classroom Management etc.)
1:00 till 2:00 : Lunch
2:00 till 4:00 : Lesson planning in a group setting
4:00 till 7:30 : Teaching practice
7:30 till 8:00 : Feedback and brainstorming to improve

You will be teaching between 6 to 8 times during the course and the days that you are not teaching you are free after the morning input sessions.

Job prospects in Spain

The average first year pay for teacher is around 900€ to 1,500€ a month depending on many factors (types of classes, your experience, your motivation, etc). At an academy you can expect to make (based on a 20/25-hour work week) about 1,100€ (net income). Business and private classes pay more hourly (between 15€ and 30€) but you will most likely not have a contract. If you are putting in the work and constantly looking for students you will live very comfortably all over Spain. The minimum wage in Spain is 690€ a month.

Cost to Live in Barcelona

The average rent is between 250€ to 500€ a month depending on your needs and wants. Bills (electricity, water, etc. in a shared flat) cost around 50€ and the average person spends 160€ a month on food (40€ per week) and the rest is up to you. On a 1,000€ a month salary you should have 200-300€ extra for fun.

Placement Assistance

During the course all of you will get the following :

  • An overview about the various types of jobs and opportunities in various locations
  • An overview of how to find work in Barcelona, the rest of Spain and abroad
  • How to build your CV, cover letter and special tricks to get noticed by schools
  • Interview tips
  • Where to look for work (we provide a school list, websites and various contacts to get you started)
  • Advice on teaching in various countries around the world


There are various Visa options for students coming to Barcelona to attend the TEFL course. For Visa application, we can provide a letter stating the acceptance onto the course, mentioning the length and content of the course, etc. once you pay the deposit. You will need this letter for Visa application. You will only get a Visa for the duration of the course.

Please be informed that student visas cannot be sponsored for students from all countries due to the restrictions from Spanish Government. Students from these countries can come on a Tourist Visa to attend the TEFL Course in Barcelona, then return back to their home countries. There are different requirements for Tourist Visa application for different countries. It is your responsibility to talk to the Consulate and find out the exact one applicable for you.

Below is given some helpful links for Visa – http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Consulados/LONDRES/en/Consulado/Pages/CheckPassport.aspx

Contact us for further query.

TEFL Barcelona Features

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • Anyone without a prior teaching experience is also welcome and can get enrolled
  • Anyone can avail TEFL course in Barcelona without being a Degree or a Diploma holder
  • The course fee of 1520 USD is very reasonable and accommodation is provided in an up market hotel ensuring all modern amenities
  • The TEFL trainers are dynamic and experienced who turn an amateur into a skilled ESL/EFL teacher by imparting relevant and practical training in TESOL
  • TEFL Course Barcelona includes Teaching Practice sessions in local schools which allows the TEFL trainees to take classes and implement the lessons taught in class
  • GTA provides 100% job assistance to its trainees once they complete the 4 weeks TEFL Course Barcelona
  • GTA also extends support to the trainees in finding a teaching placement with a good pay
  • TEFL Course Barcelona facilitates the TEFL trainees to become teachers who will be able to teach both children as well as adults from beginner to advanced level
  • In addition to all of the above, charming Barcelona serves as a great location to stay and study the tools and techniques of TEFL

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