TEFL as a career in Asia

The rules of teaching are constantly changing in today’s globalized world. Teaching is no longer confined to a traditional classroom in one’s hometown. Instead it is spreading its wings far and wide providing ample opportunities for teachers worldwide. Becoming a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher is a rewarding career option today with enough growth and handsome pay package along with a ticket to travel the world. The demand for ESL/EFL teachers across Asia is being seen as a great opportunity by Indian English teachers as well since there is a huge requirement for TESOL teachers making teaching English abroad an all new exciting career altogether. There are numerous ESL/EFL teaching jobs all across Asia especially South East Asia which can always be tapped by Indian English teachers as well as Filipino trainers as there is a demand for trained TEFL professionals are on the rise.

Teaching English in Asia is a profitable venture

English has become the world language and there is a rush in Asian countries to learn the language. Proficiency in English is considered as a fundamental life skill for adults and children alike and this has already produced enough jobs for TEFL teachers. Teaching English in Asia is an exciting job although it requires great passion for work. But to teach English across Asia a TEFL course is mandatory for current or aspiring teachers. It is ideal for teachers who are already in this profession and also for those avid travelers who are interested to teach. Teaching English in Asia will surely be a profitable venture for them as this profession will turn out to be rewarding as one can enjoy both travelling and earning simultaneously.

Emergence of Asia as the biggest market for ESL/EFL teachers

With economy languishing in the west and native English speakers looking for jobs outside their home country now it has become more of a full-fledged career with opportunities galore in Asia to teach and earn money. Asia has emerged as the biggest market for ESL/EFL teachers with teaching positions abundant as millions of Asians are on a learning spree and trying to get a good grasp over English – the language of international communication. Apart from the giant Asian players like China, Japan and South Korea providing immense TEFL opportunities to TESOL trainers with facilities like high salary, free accommodation and other perks like paid airfare, the other Asian nation which is gradually becoming the preferred destinations for ESL/EFL teachers is Thailand, a popular tourist destination in the South East Asia whose economic freedom and steady development has shifted the focus on the importance of English language and therefore, the demand for TEFL certified teachers remains consistently strong. The ASEAN member countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia are also gaining prominence as preferred TESOL destinations. Asia today takes pride in the fact that it has plenty to offer to those teaching aspirants who are looking for a long term career in TEFL.

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