ESL/EFL teaching as a career worldwide

Teaching is the most respectful profession anywhere in the world. ESL/EFL teaching career worldwide are your opportunity to teach and travel abroad. Those people who are enthusiastic about teaching and traveling the world must get TEFL qualified. This is unlike any job which is primarily about pay and intangible benefits instead about responsibility and education advancement. Your mission should be to make a difference not just to earn a lot at the end of the day. Were the people’s need is to develop their English communication skill in this global commercial arena. Understanding them and guiding them towards better life is what is expected of a certified teacher. It’s a new way of looking at life, a new way to inspire people and a way to look beyond the mundane activities.

Career opportunities

TEFL is a career in its own right, it has vast scope of employment and opportunities for professional development within the field and the related sectors. Public schools, colleges and universities, public language schools, language summer camps are all the potential employers. Requirement for teachers vary by country and usually related to the level of competition for teaching jobs. Industries like Information Technology (IT), Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS), Hospitality, Tourism, Retail and Aviation in particular generate a large number of jobs which require competency and fluency in English. Herein trainers are often appointed to work on the communication skill of the employees.

Teach and travel

Things are changing drastically for English teachers since the last few years. The successful applicant would be that person who knows how to strike the right cord. Not just qualified and experienced but must be determined, dedicated and confident. TEFL now demands a lot from you. Those who want to make the career of a TEFL teacher must be ready for the challenges.

ESL Classrooms are usually small. The average ESL course runs for three months and meets twice a week. Courses typically follow single course book designed for the speakers of the official language where the course is taught. Herein the teachers appropriately choose supplemental material and activities for each lesson like worksheets and games.

That also means besides teaching you will also get to roam in the bustling city streets, visit wild life and jungle water bodies, go surfing, and even party at the beaches. Ranging from 2-4 weeks ESL teaching job, you will meet and make some great friends along the way. This is indeed a thrilling start and deciding factor whether you will come back or continue your journey.

Hence you will never get bored. It’s like a working holiday for the teacher or trainer. Standing at the crossroad of decision making if you still lack the motivation, just take our advice. It’s simple, if you value others life, take the stride. You cannot walk barefoot at the road; you need the perfect shoe that fits you. That is your indication to analyze what is best for you to join and get started.

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