Course Content

3 weeks 120 Hrs TEFL Certification Course


The trainee will complete a daily learning journal during the foreign language experience, culminating in a 500-word conclusion. The focus is critical reflection on the learning experience and useful insights for teaching.


Grammar (10 hours) Inputs cover word classes, simple sentence elements,
Phonology (10 hours) Covering phonemics, rhythm, stress,complex sentences and clauses, verb time and tense, aspect and conditionals and modals, phrasals and voice. intonation, place & manner of articulation, and connected speech.


Trainees work with individual students on building rapport, error analysis and correction, and addressing individual student needs. Three meetings with the student are required including transcription and error analysis of audio and written samples, culminating in a 60- minute customized session reviewed by one of the instructors.

IV. TEACHING TECHNIQUES (30 hours) Teaching

techniques normally cover:

approaches to language learning
controlled practice
lesson planning models – with peer teaching
appropriate language and comprehensible input
language in context – with peer teaching
communicative activities
textbook review and evaluation
classroom management
listening activities
pronunciation activities
songs and chants
reading activities
writing activities
teaching young learners


All teachers complete:

2 hours of observing experienced teachers
2 hours observing professionally developed video
20 hours of peer observation
4 hours of individual teaching practice


All trainees must develop two sets of materials for teaching practice. Each set must be durable, usable for multiple lesson contexts, and easily portable. The materials may include visuals, realia, audio or videotape, cue cards or class handouts, but may not be photocopied from published sources. The summation of this project is a presentation to the trainers on how the materials were used, how they could be improved and how they might be used in another context

Course Fee

The course fee of Special China Project in 1390USD

Please email for further query

Course Date

Date: Replace with 1st week of May 2016.

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When you are in Koh Samui for the TEFL Course, you do not need to worry about accommodation as Global Training Academy will make arrangements for your four weeks stay at Koh Samui. You can share your room with another candidate. If not, you can pay more and book a separate room for yourself. You need to check in a day before the start of the program from 12 pm onwards and check out a day after the completion of the program within 12 o’clock.

Global Training Academy tries its best to provide the best possible accommodation to the teachers during the assignments. But at times we cannot give specific details about your accommodation beforehand as we have to deal with different schools at different locations simultaneously. The accommodations in Thailand do not meet up to the standards of western culture as majority of the schools are located in the interior parts of Thailand. As a result, we cannot provide the teachers with luxurious facilities. The accommodations provided to the teachers are free of cost all throughout their teaching contract. If they disagree to stay in the given places in spite of accepting the arrangements made by the academy the security deposit will be charged from them which the academy will earn. Most of the accommodation will comprise of apartments with attached bathrooms. The rest will have to share houses but will get a separate bedroom. The quality of the accommodation depends on certain factors like the area where the school is situated, facilities provided, cleanliness, comfort and budget. Some schools itself take the responsibility of providing accommodation to the teachers. The basic facilities provided include bed, fan/A.C, dresser and a cabinet. Some accommodations even provide A.C, fridge, television, balcony, table etc. Kitchens and cooking utensils are not included in the amenities provided as most of apartments in Thailand are without kitchen. The electricity, water and phone bills are to be paid by the teachers. Average monthly water bills range from 50-150 THB, phone bills crop up to 5 THB/minute and electricity bill range from 500-2500 THB/month that are based on the usage of fridge, T.V, A.C and other electrical gadgets. The teachers need to make a deposit for 1-2 months that will be refundable after the teacher leaves. Some schools deduct the deposit from the teacher’s salary while others charge it separately.

Cost of accommodation during three weeks TESOL course in Shanghai:

Accommodation is exclusive of course fees
Shared apartments start at 2500 - 3500 RMB/month - students share apartment but not rooms.
Studio apartments start at 4500 RMB/month
Two types of deposit are required for studio apartments. The first deposit is an amount of 1000 RMB which has to be paid and this is refundable. This deposit amount is to secure the place and is refunded once the student arrives. The second type of deposit is paid when the student checks in. This is for the duration of the stay and is equal to one month's rent. This amount is adjusted during final check out.
The rent is exclusive of utility bills for studio apartments.

The hostels are equipped with multiple facilities like computers with Internet connection, WiFi, printers, scanners, air conditioning, computer games, pool tables, massage chairs and a restaurant.

Teaching Jobs in China

If Chinese culture really interests you and you intend to learn Mandarin Chinese, getting hired in China as an EFL teacher can be a wonderful opportunity. The salary offered to the English teachers in China is quite good and adequate to live a decent and comfortable life there. Besides, you will also be able to save enough to make trips to exotic places of China and other parts of Asia.

Travelling abroad is always a special experience and right now there is no better place than Asia to live and teach. As China is on its way to become a foremost global player, it is undoubtedly one of the best TEFL destinations.

The life is going to be exciting and challenging as you opt for learning Chinese, befriending the natives and striving to see the world issues and political standings from Chinese perspective. China has been going through a staggering development lately and at the same time it stands as a representative of the most ancient and diverse culture.

At one moment you are availing the modern subway and the very next moment you are standing right in front of one of the oldest temples of Beijing or feeding into a delicious dumpling of an old market of North Shanghai. And then right next to it you can see one of the most innovatively developed sports stadiums or you are seeing the Great Wall of China with a Starbucks coffee in your hand. If you are staying and teaching in China, every day is a new experience.

Requirements of teaching in China

The Chinese State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs has laid certain parameters, which one needs to meet in order to teach in the reputable schools and educational institutions of China.

The specifications might vary from one organization to another, but, the generalized procedures to be followed include the following:

  • The candidate is required to have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least a couple of years of PG work experience is preferable
  • A 120 hour TEFL certification (some schools also expect 100 hour TEFL certification but with cities like Beijing and Shanghai, 120 hour of TEFL certification is compulsory)

The first-tier cities of China like Shanghai and Beijing are now more inclined to on site TEFL certifications or at least the hybrid courses which is a combination of both online and onsite courses. In case of hybrid or online TEFL certifications, often the providers do not mention online in the certificate and they are, in fact, as good as onsite classes.

Documentation Process

Once you are selected in a school, there is certain documentation procedure that you need to undergo. They include:

  • A passport with at least a one year validity till the expiry date
  • An invitation letter from your school commonly known as Foreign Expert Invitation
  • A Foreign Expert ID sent by the school through post
  • A Z visa, an employment visa generally processed by the Chinese Consulate (visit the nearest from your place)
  • A fit certificate resolving your health issues


After Reaching China

  • You need to undergo a full body checkup
  • A registration is required to be done with the local police station, which will serve as a residence proof to your school administration

Since the time you will land in China as an employee of a school, your host school will do the following:

  • Your school will assist you in getting your residential permit
  • You will get a pick from airport
  • Most schools offer free accommodation (if not at least housing allowance)
  • Get you a work visa giving you the legal right to teach in China
  • A salary of RMB 6,500 to 22,000 every month
  • Provide you with flight stipend
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Contract completion bonus


Job Responsibilities of an EFL Teacher in China

The typical job duties of an English teacher in China are:

  • 18 to 25 teaching hours every week
  • 10 to 15 office hours every week
  • Preparation of study materials for giving ESL lessons

Apparently ESL jobs in China do not seem much demanding, however, performing on stage in front of a class full of students who completely belong to a different culture is pretty challenging. Understanding the wave length of your students is the biggest task you need to execute. Besides, you need to prepare day to day lesson plan, which is required to be solid yet interesting. And then there is administration of tests, grade papers and participation in school meeting with other teachers.

All in all, China is a challenging yet rewarding country for teaching English as a second (or foreign) language.

Friends and Couples

Teaching English as a second language (ESL) has become one of the most lucrative career options especially for those who want to teach and enjoy travelling abroad. Being an ESL teacher you get a chance not only to explore the world but you also get an opportunity to mingle with new people and get a taste of new culture. The TEFL course gives you a scope to land up in Thailand and discover the “land of smiles”. Global Training Academy has come up with a wonderful offer of including your friends and partners in the Explore Thailand Project and who can accompany you in teaching and exploring Thailand .You will not feel homesick when you are among your near and dear ones. You just need to sign up for this course along with your friend or spouse and GTA will take care of the other formalities. They will try their best to place both of you in the same location. If not they will be within your reach and you can always hang out with them whenever you wish to.

Safety in thailand

Whenever we travel the first thing that comes to our mind is our safety. Along with being a tourist hotspot, Thailand is quite a safe place to travel. But the ongoing agitation has raised questions about its safety for travellers. The Thai government is quite alert and have taken various steps to protect the heritage of the country that has been attracting tourists from all over the world. Being a TEFL teacher, you can live your dream by teaching and travelling. It will open new avenues in your career as a teacher and thrill and adventure will be part of your everyday life. It will bring a change in your approach and will also boost up your confidence level as it will make you ready for any challenge

One thing that is mandatory for every person before travelling to Thailand is to do a little bit of research about the place and take some basic safety measures. Another thing you must keep in mind is to take travel insurance when you are travelling to an unknown place and it is all the more necessary if you are going to live there for work.

Here are some of the safety measures one must keep in mind while travelling:

  • Never part with your passport
  • Follow the rules set by local governing bodies
  • Travel in Bangkok taxis
  • Check your place of stay twice
  • Trust a licensed company for any kind of adventure sports
  • Be modest in dressing
  • Advisable to avoid wearing expensive jewellery
  • Avoid roaming about in sparsely populated areas
  • Be alert while dealing with alcohol and drugs
  • Penalty if caught with drugs
  • Keep the number of your country’s embassy

Get a TEFL certification and enjoy your stay at Thailand as an ESL teacher which will be of great value in the long run.

Schools in thailand

The demand for learning English has overwhelmingly increased in the recent years. English has become the language of international communication, a medium through which countries communicate. The need for learning English has also penetrated in the minds of the Thais which have opened up new avenues in the field of teaching. EFL/ESL teachers are in high demand in the government, private and international schools that are found in large numbers in Thailand. The teachers in the international schools are skilful and maintain a high standard. The amenities provided by the international schools are also exceptional as compared to the other schools. These schools across Thailand offer an international baccalaureate apart from the British and American curricula or else they can abide by the national systems from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and India. The students from these schools get to study AP, GCE “A” level, IGCSE and the IB which gives them an opportunity for higher studies in other countries.

The government and public schools in Thailand do not charge school fees from the Thai nationals. In some of the government schools, the native English speakers organize English language programs where they teach English. Every school in Thailand is graded into kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Most of the schools start with the national anthem at 8.30 in the morning and end at 3.30 in the afternoon. The scenario in the government school may vary a little. There are ample teaching opportunities for EFL/ESL teachers in Thailand starting from language schools to vocational colleges and universities. To fulfil the dream of teaching in Thailand, one just needs to hold a TEFL certificate in hand and there will be a stream of opportunities crossing your way.

Information regarding visa for english teachers

The non-immigrant business visa is no more being issued by Thai consulates without an employment contract from Thai schools which is impossible as you have neither done the course nor applied for it. The education visa will not be issued by the consulates for one month during the training course just to study Thai language or to get admitted in a local school. You can apply for a ‘single’ or ‘double’ Entry, 60 days, tourist visa that is expandable to 30 days. The cost will be around USD$ 50.The double entry tourist visa allows you to leave the country after 90 days and come back to get more 60 days and an addition of 30 days as an extension. If you can get hold of an employer in Thailand, they will make arrangements for business visa and work permit provided you satisfy them with their demands. Though it is not illegal to look for a job with a tourist visa but you can start with one. You have to invest one day to get a tourist visa and you can either go yourself or courier your passport. You must have some time in hand as you may face problem if the dates clash with a Thai public holiday. The visa will only get activated when you enter the country but you cannot apply much in advance as you have to make entry within 60 days of receiving the visa.

When you get employed, your employer will do all the paperwork for a visa run to the neighbouring country. There are many countries doing this visa run based on where you are presently and where you will be moving to. Take Koh Samui as an example where they do visa runs to Malaysia. It is reasonable as well as organized.

Particulars send by registered post or with a visa processing company:

  •  Passport
  •  Visa application Form-download from Google
  •  Recent passport size photo(2)
  •  Required fee-It may change without notice. Please refer to consulates website and application form
  •  Your contact and address details in Thailand is: Rose-Anne Turner 74/77 Moo 5, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand, 84320. Tel: +66(0)810838230
  •  Prepaid self-addressed envelope - Each consulate may be different so please check on the relevant website.
  • Copy of your return flight ticket to Thailand - Some consulates check while others do not
  • Avoid roaming about in sparsely populated areas
  • Be alert while dealing with alcohol and drugs
  • Penalty if caught with drugs
  • Keep the number of your country’s embassy


Recently they are checking address proof from South Africans for their entire stay as well as return ticket as a proof that you are coming back. You just need to show a letter that states that you are employed. Make sure that the return date on your air ticket can be changed as you will be needed to show your return date within the visa period. If they ask for accommodation proof, one will be provided in word document as there will be no booking confirmation form.

The regulations keep on changing from time to time and the Thai consulates decisions cannot be controlled. We can also assure you that there has been no such student who had been denied a visa to get into Thailand.

Upfront Costs

Ancillary Costs
Cost of Food for a Week or a Bit More

This has to be kept in mind that you need to survive by yourself for at least a week or more till you get your first salary or before getting lodging and food arrangements from your hired school. In China standard of living is not that high and so is the cost of food. Delicious food is available at affordable rates and even street foods are no less tasty. Here is a see through to what can be the standard rates:

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 20.00 ¥
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 120.00 ¥
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 28.00 ¥
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 6.00 ¥
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 20.00 ¥
Cappuccino (regular) 26.59 ¥
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 3.18 ¥
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 1.84 ¥

Tipping is not expected in midrange restaurants. Besides, if the service charge has already been added no tipping is anyway required.

Travel or medical insurance

Visa Charges

If you submit your visa application on Monday, you are likely to get your visa by Thursday. In order to lessen the processing time, you need to pay extra charges. For getting your visa done in a day, you need to pay US $30 and for getting it done within 2 to 3 working days, you need to pay US $20. All Chinese visas have almost equal charges. Commonly Chinese embassies issue single entry Z.

For American citizens the visa charge is US $140 and for others the charge is US $30.

A Criminal Record Check

You would need a no objection certificate for which you need to undergo a thorough criminal record check. According to Chinese law, the amount charged by different police stations for a criminal record check can vary from one region to another; however the cost generally varies around 10-300 yuan.

Cost of opening a Bank Account in China

Ok, you might find it hard to believe but all you need to open a back account in China is a passport. The bank at the most might ask you to make a small deposit of 10 to 20 RMB. Some banks might also charge a minimal amount for getting ATM cards. So, it’s better to bring an amount of 40 RMB as precaution.


Accommodation deposit

Two types of accommodation options are available for the students who take up the TEFL course in China – one during the training period and the other during post training. The student trainees can opt to stay in the “Youth Hostel” or studio apartment; accommodations are available in Shanghai during the course. There are many schools located in Shanghai as well. Once the TESOL or TEFL course is over, students may look for accommodation in places closer to work. In cases, when schools or institutes do not offer accommodation, GTA assists candidates to find the same.

Cost of accommodation during three weeks TESOL course in Shanghai:

  • Accommodation is exclusive of course fees
  • Shared apartments start at 3000 RMB/month
  • Studio apartments start at 4500 RMB/month
  • A deposit of 1000 RMB and an advance rent of 4500 RMB is to be paid for studio apartments. The rent is exclusive of utility bills for studio apartments.
  • For all other types of accommodation, the bills are included in the rent.

In the hostels there are multiple facilities available like computers with Internet connection, WiFi, printers, scanners, air conditioning, computer games, pool tables, massage chairs and a restaurant.

Terms and Conditions

Please fill in the application form and attach your resume and scanned photograph.

Accommodation will be provided 24 to 48 hrs before the commencement of the assignment.


Salary is 30,000 THB per month and the accommodation is free. The salary is more in some schools which depends upon the different HR policies. GTA has no control over the surplus payment given to teachers who are paid more than 30,000THB. It is purely based on individual HR policies of schools.


Accommodation is free of cost and in cases where the school cannot provide accommodation, an amount of 2500-5000 is provided as a monthly allowance. For accommodation a security deposit of 1-2 months is required, the failure of which results in a deduction from the salary .The amount is refundable after the teacher leaves. The total deposit varies from 5000 THB on the lower end to 15,000 on the higher end.

Trainees have to arrange their own movement from Airport to Venue

Teaching Assingment:

It is not possible to listen to individual preferences for school location and school type. You must be mentally prepared for any location and that your assignment can take place in any part of Thailand.


The insurance cover for accidents and hospitalization is provided by few schools. Some insurance also cover INPATIENT and OUTPATIENT medical needs. We will suggest you pay 2600 THB as an additional health insurance policy. Once the insurance is approved, the amount becomes non-refundable even if you withdraw your name from the contract. You should also have travel insurance when you fly out of the country. It will cover your travel and one month stay at Thailand.

All members of the program are subjected to disciplinary regulations of the centre. The director’s decision is the final decision and there is no refund for dismissal from the course.

GTA is not responsible for any additional cost for getting a teacher’s license.

The durability of the teacher’s assignment ranges from four months to a maximum of five months. All depends upon the school where you are teaching and the semester timings of that school in particular.

GTA will keep you updated on any kind of change in visa rules or work permit from time to time. For any kind of additional paper work or cost for change in Ministry of Education policy, teachers will be responsible.

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