Jobs worldwide: an overview

With the advent of globalization, international commerce, diplomacy and higher education are rushing towards acquiring the new lingua franca. Thus Teaching, rather English Teaching is becoming one of the most popular options for paid or inexpensive long-term stay overseas. The bulk of TEFL teaching opportunities are coming from relatively wealthy countries like Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea &Taiwan. Several teaching opportunities are available in European countries of Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Poland. Thailand continues to be the top pick in ESL teachers.

Demand & Supply

But there is a slight twist in the story. The number and type of TEFL applicants are changing drastically. Whereas earlier TEFL applicants were largely new graduates looking for experience and adventure for a year round, but gradually people from various sectors of the job market are turning to TEFL. The applicants are also increasing in numbers. An effect of such increasing supply of teachers such countries are bound to set higher and stricter standards on recruitment especially at the entry-level positions.

As a result choosing the right education institute to guide you although is of absolute necessity. Getting accepted as a teacher in a crowded market means lot depends on the potential of the instructor. So the prime responsibility lies with you is to understand yourself first, your goal behind the job search, if it’s essentially to teach English more successfully to native speakers and build a better world, then go for it. You are indeed that distinguished individual who can emerge as an ESL Teacher.

The result

Don’t let anything to put you off. Though the supply of teachers is currently huge, the demand still continues to grow. Follow your passion and fulfill your dream. Few things must be kept in mind once you decide to teach in country, that includes the cost of living, the recruitment laws, the cultural diversities etc. A comparison is of absolute importance to have a good idea of the standard of living you will have. With some common sense and internet research will help you taking an intelligent decision.

Besides these obvious considerations there are few more factors which will affect your decision in taking up a job abroad.

  • knowing the school where you will be teaching.
  • Salary scale and other benefits like growth and prospect of the job.
  • evaluating the available resources for teaching.
Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the job will help you reach a decision that is well informed rather than going by the impulse. There are lots of guides to TEFL destinations and practical advice related to visa to negotiating a job contract. Take our guidance because TEFL jobs are the winner’s choice. Get TEFL certified and witness the change in your life.

The diversified ESL Classroom has its own charm. Students come up to you in their need and queries. Soon you emerge as their popular trainer or teacher, whom they follow all through. Your short term stay or even long term engagement in any country as a TEFL teacher will not just mould your career in the right direction but will be a lifetime of experience.

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