Job Prospects in Asia

Asians are showing strong commitment in strengthening their English language skills with the growing importance of English language which has grown in leaps and bounds in Asia paving the way for the development of English language teaching. English has already been filling the bill as an official language in many Asian countries and with the emergence of the latest technology especially the internet, there has been an extraordinary development in the language learning arena. With English acquiring the position of world language, the Asians have opened up to the idea of incorporating English in their daily lives making way for a large number of ESL/EFL jobs. The English language teaching industry has evolved over the past couple of years and therefore, a lot of emphasis is being put on teaching English in Asia.

Huge employment opportunities in Asia

Today Asia boasts of millions of students learning English as they have realized the fact that English is the language of multi-national communication. TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language involves teaching English to learners hailing from varied backgrounds and different age groups. TEFL works in a variety of settings and TEFL teachers have unlimited scope and plenty of opportunities when it comes to the employment in Asia. A TEFL certificate is a major qualification required by learning institutions to teach in Asian nations as an English teacher. The constant rise of Asia and the key roles played by the Asian nations in economic growth have further fuelled the learning as well as teaching of English language.

Incredible demand for ESL/EFL teachers in Asia

In Asia China is leading the pack as there is an incredible demand for ESL/EFL teachers with the explosion of innumerable language schools and English learning centers across the nation. There is a rush among the Chinese to hone their English language skills and this has led to a steady demand of English language instructors over the years as the Chinese are investing in learning the global language. Japan is also putting emphasis in ELT or English Language Teaching and awareness is conspicuous in Japanese learning institutions and among Japanese people in general who are keen to learn the English language which has upped the demand of TEFL instructors in the country. Thailand is another popular destination and a significant number of Thais with poor English skills are working in the tourism and other sectors and they are in dire need of proficiency in English and this has led to loads of TESOL jobs in Thailand. A number of language institutes and schools have mushroomed in Bangkok and all over Thailand and the market in Thailand is dominated by a few big chains. South Korea is offering some great opportunities for TEFL certified teaching professionals who can look forward to some lucrative ESL/EFL jobs in the country with lot of facilities provided to those who are committed to teaching English. Taiwan is another big Asian market, a must consideration for TEFL trainers which offers a wide range of employment opportunities in TESOL. These countries are followed by Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia where TEFL is making a steady presence.

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